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Compilation Set C - Compliance Issues

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Money Laundering Obligations Explained

From January 2009 registration under the money laundering regulations for otherwise unsupervised firms has been in the hands of HM Revenue & Customs such that it is essential proper systems and procedures are in place in respect of which this guide should prove invaluable.  With worked examples and copies of standard forms the guide highlights the key matters requiring attention to comply with legislation  For the practitioner who is struggling with the regulations, included in the guide is the DTE ten step quick action plan to compliance, which explains, as concisely as possible, the minimum needed to achieve much of what is required to comply in an efficient and cost effective manner.  The recently implemented revised reporting requirements and legal privilege for accountants are also covered as are a number of examples illustrating typical scenarios encountered in practice.


Practice Assurance
For members of the Chartered institutes and indeed others who wish to follow best practice the Practice Assurance regulations need careful attention.  This guide outlines the important aspects of the regime so as to allow compliance with the minimum of fuss.  Appropriate standard documetnation and procedures are included, together with a structured action plan to implementation.


Form 42/Employment Related Securities
Practical help on the reporting of basic company share transactions, including subscriber shares and shares transferred between family members, plus an overview of situations where the employment related securities legislation is likely to give rise to an income tax charge and elections available to taxpayers to minimuse such exposure.

Author: DTE Tax

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