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Platinum Members Terms & Conditions

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Unless otherwise agreed in writing, no liability shall arise to DTE in respect of  telephone or email support given under the DTE Connect service.  Liability on written advice given by DTE shall be limited to the higher of £10,000 or twenty times the fee charged, invoiced and paid.  In the event of any claim arising as aforesaid any right of action shall be against the company (and where appropriate its insurers) and no legal action against individual employees, directors or consultants shall be permitted.

£35 + £7.00 VAT pcm from the month of commencement payable by standing order on or around the 15th of each month or £420 + £84.00 VAT paid on the date hereof for a year’s membership to the end of the calendar month one year hence. Minimum contract period is twelve months from the month of commencement (inclusive). Thirty days cancellation notice period required after the initial twelve month period with membership continuing on an automatic ‘until further notice’ basis. All membership cancellations to be provided in writing to DTE by recorded delivery to our registered office in Bury. Cancellation date is the date of receipt of cancellation notice.

Platinum membership is a minimum twelve months period.

If you are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving please let us know.  If you wish to make a formal complaint then please write to Mr R I Taylor setting out details.  We will look into any complaint carefully and promptly and do all we can to help.  If we have given you a less than satisfactory service we will do everything reasonable to put it right.  Ultimately you can refer the matter to our professional body The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Any paperwork produced by us in undertaking our work for you will remain the property of DTE.

Where we receive information from you of a confidential nature then we shall take all reasonable steps to keep such information confidential except as required by law or as provided for in regulatory ethical or other professional pronouncements.  It should however be noted that we reserve the right to act for both you and other clients whose interests are or may be adverse to yours subject to maintaining our duty of confidentiality to all clients and not continuing to act where there is a direct conflict of interest between two or more independent clients.  You agree that it will be sufficient compliance with our duty of confidentiality to you for us to take such steps as we in good faith think fit to preserve confidential information both during and after the termination of this engagement.  You also agree that the exchange of information confidential to you between the various DTE companies shall be permitted at our discretion.

You consent under the terms of the above Act to the retention by us of all relevant data in connection with our work for you.

9.30am to 4.30pm on normal work days, excluding the period between Christmas & New Year. During periods of heavy usage, in particular between 1pm and 2pm and holiday times, helpline advice may not be immediately available but every effort will be amde to respond to calls/emails without undue delay.  Whilst there is no restriction on the number of enquiries each member can make via the DTE Connect telephone and email help lines, to prevent abuse and for the benefit of all members, email questions are limited to 100 words per question and DTE reserve the right to limit each member firm’s access to free expert advice via the helpline services to 5 hours per annum for Platinum members. This right is at the complete discretion of DTE.  

Our telephone helpline services are provided as part of the Gold and Platinum membership packages. If a particular client issue is more complex than what can be dealt with on the telephone, and further written work, assistance with meeting preparation or support at meetings. with our specialists is usually charged at our standard hourly rates.  However Connect members receive a 50% discount for up to four hours per annum and thereafter a 25% discount on normal charge out rates.  For these purposes each year commences 1 May.