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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What does it cost to use this site?

Our website provides you with lots of free content. If all you want to do is access limited technical update materials then please use the DTE Connect website for free. You can also buy DTE's popular technical guides, tax briefs, client advisory letters and seminar places from this website without joining DTE Connect.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a Platinum membership for a reasonable monthly cost depending on your needs and your firm’s needs, which gives you access to many more benefits. There are no hidden costs and there is no obligation whatsoever to use DTE tax experts or buy other DTE products.

QUESTION: What will it cost to deal with DTE tax advisers?

DTE Connect members have access to our telephone and/or email helpline services for non-complex taxation matters. For non-Connect members, we do have a standard hourly rate of £225 as is common in our profession.

In reality most Connect members rarely pay anything for our advice above and beyond their membership subscription. In specific client cases that are more complex in nature than can be dealt with via the helpline services, we will always agree the fee arrangements upfront with you. In this event, members always receive a discount on our standard hourly rates.

QUESTION: How do you guarantee the quality and competence of the DTE Connect experts?

The experts you will call as a Connect member each have a significant amount of tax experience and knowledge. Because they are all employed directly by DTE their advice is covered within the company’s professional indemnity policy.

QUESTION: Do I need to sign anything before I can get tax advice?

You only need to sign up once to a Platinum membership contract.  Platinum is a minimum twelve months.

QUESTION: I purchased a downloadable product where can I download it?

Just login to our site and then click on the my account link under useful information, in there you will find a link to all the downloadable products you have purchased. Alternatively you can find the product in our category sections and use the download link in there.

QUESTION: Why is there a fixed contract for Platinum members?

DTE Connect Platinum members have immediate access to all tax guides, tax briefs and client advisory letters. If these were all to be purchased without subscribing, the lowest cost (including all volume discounts) would be £520. Purchased individually, over time, the current range of publications could cost over £830. Other suppliers may charge more.

DTE will continue to update the publications and all updates will be made available to Platinum members at no extra cost whereas non-members must re-purchase at full price. Additionally, the DTE Connect Platinum members get more free seminar places, immediate access to our free practice and payroll bureaux brokerage services plus additional helpline services and unlimited access to the library of previous webinar training.

QUESTION: Can I request new subject titles for publications, client advisory letters and web seminars?

Yes, if you are a DTE Connect member. We have created this service for you so when you log in there is an area to request new subject titles for publications, client advisory letters and (web) seminars. If you are interested in a particular subject, then the chances are that your fellow DTE Connect members will also be interested.

DTE experts have a wide range of experience and knowledge and where there is sufficient demand from DTE Connect members for particular subjects, we will produce appropriate new material.

QUESTION: How can I provide feedback about the website?

We value all feedback - especially if it's constructive or simply positive! Simply contact us

QUESTION: What if I have other questions?

Contact us by phone on 0843 506 6123 or by email