Technical Guides

Whilst technical in nature, each guide provides in depth, regularly updated, practical guidance, which translates the most common regulations into understandable, easy to follow language with practical examples.

Each guide has been written by our experts in a style aimed at the busy independent practitioner wishing to benefit from practical assistance in dealing with client matters rather than a theoretical analysis of issues rarely met in real life.

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This guide outlines the important aspects of the regime so as to allow compliance with the minimum of fuss.
The guide sets out in detail Companies Act 2006 requirements to be followed in respect of the payment of private company dividends.
This guide concentrates on the tax issues facing the advisor to the smaller limited company with turnover of up to circa £1m.
This guide provides an overview of the current regime together with details of the common ways in which the exposure to this tax can be reduced, including the impact of transferable nil rate bands.
The valuation of business goodwill and company shareholdings is broken down into a number of easy to follow steps.
An analysis of the impact of accounting policies and their effect upon tax computations.