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Introducing DTE Connect

As a busy practitioner you often need expert reassurance on less mainstream tax areas and answers to your technical questions that you can rely on. Our Technical resources are available to purchase on a ‘per item’ basis, and you can benefit from volume discounts for multiple purchases.

Technical Guides

Whilst technical in nature, each guide provides in depth, regularly updated, practical guidance, which translates the most common regulations into understandable, easy to follow language with practical examples.

Each guide has been written by our experts in a style aimed at the busy independent practitioner wishing to benefit from practical assistance in dealing with client matters rather than a theoretical analysis of issues rarely met in real life.

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Client Advisory letters

DTE client advisory letters have been specifically produced by our experts for advisors to send to their clients. They explain in simple terms the subject in question. Each letter consists of two standard A4 pages. Alternatively they are available as a Microsoft word file. On receipt the letter may be used as many times as desired either in the format supplied or tailored to your own specifications. Use of the DTE client advice letters should generate interest from clients in your services and is an easy cost effective way to update clients on the key issues which are relevant to them. At the same time your practice will be perceived by your clients as pro-active on the issues which really matter to them.

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Tax Briefs

DTE tax briefs, whilst technical in nature, condense specific aspects of tax legislation into an easy to understand and convenient format. Each brief covers a common tax topic which the busy independent practitioner may face and also topics that often produce difficulties in practice.

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